Gothia Mining Factory

ARION IMM 1100 CNC İŞLEME MERKEZİ Teknik Özellikler; X Ekseni haraketi (mm) 1100 Y Ekseni haraketi (mm) 600 Z Ekseni haraketi (mm) 600 Tabla Ölçüsü (mm) 1100x560 Tabla Adedi (adet) 1 Maks. Tabla Yükü (kg) 900 İşmili ile tabla arası mesafesi (mm) 120-720 Tabla Zemin Mesafesi  (mm) 910 Teknik Özellikler İşmili Devri (rpm) 8000 (Ops. [...]

Monetize B2B portals

Client ITP company Location New York, USA Deliverables Machanical Contruction Year 2018 Simplicity is key Some need to protect very valuable information. All these factors should be taken into account. A risk-aware Windows user can probably survive without any anti-virus software at all. I ran Windows XP for a year to try to prove it. [...]